Medium Cherry Blossom Bowl with Bee
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Medium Cherry Blossom Bowl with Bee

From her studio in Dunedin Mollie creates beautiful one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces inspired by nature.

All the pieces representing leaves or flowers are made using the actual foliage pressed into the clay. This then burns off in the first firing, then the image left behind is hand-painted before a second firing.

“It takes a while, but every piece is unique, and I like creating permanence from nature’s fragility. I tend to focus on native plants and have been expanding my range as different trees flower.”

The works with gold edging are created using actual gold in liquid form. This is painted onto the ceramics before these works receive a third firing. Once fired, these works are food safe, but not suitable for the dishwasher.

Artist: Mollie Schollum
Materials: Ceramic
Dimensions: 6.5cm diameter


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