Art Map

The Waiheke Art Map is the best way to find art on Waiheke. It features many studios, gallery's, two sculpture parks and the Waiheke Community Art Gallery.

Waiheke has certainly become Auckland's Island of Art

At Level 1, you can pick up a copy of the Waiheke Art Map at the Gallery. When you start your tour at the Gallery we can help you plan your day and ring ahead for you to ensure that the artists you want to visit are going to be in their studios.

Across the road from the Gallery is Alison Park. Here large scale works collected from previous Sculpture on the Gulf events by the Waiheke Local Board are located. Well worth a walk around.


For Artists:

Planning is underway for the 2022 Waiheke Art Map. 
We are still planning for the Art Map Exhibition at the gallery from late December thru January.
There will be a print run of  6000 maps and reservation of 22 weeks in the Waiheke Weekender Publication. This combination gives artists great exposure. 
Please commit by September 15th with all materials due on October 4th.
Payment will be made with your material submission but there is an option to break it into three time payments.
All of the costs dates are on the forms. Please read them through. 
Please note there are two booking forms for: 
1) Art Map 2022
2) Weekender Publication
There is very strong interest this year (even with current alert levels issues), so don't miss out!



Download the 2021 Art Map below:

Studios 1- 27

Studios 28 - 42


Sample view:

 Artmap 2021 centrepanelswebArtmap 2021 Cover and pages web back


Art Map