Preston Camp – Islands, Vessels, Obscuras
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Preston Camp – Islands, Vessels, Obscuras

26 May - 25 June 2023

Islands, Vessels, Obscuras is a new series of works from Preston Camp exploring the theme of boundaries and limits.

The works were completed in a flurry of activity over a period of less than half a year. Making use of vast blocks of negative space, Camp's impulsive marks and wild flares of colour find themselves buried beneath layers of thick paint, carefully designed to conceal and make us search for the rich, raw action below.

Boundaries serve to protect and position us in a place of safety and belonging, a place where we feel we know and are known, but the artist’s layered multimedia artworks ask us to question the cost of such protection and to ponder not just what is held within, but what these boundaries are designed to push away. 

By juxtaposing pattern and absence, Camp creates a sense of being adrift. Enticing the eye with bold form and flashes of textural interest he invites us to consider the delight of life beyond our known parameters and the possibility that sometimes our carefully curated boundaries can actually serve to create a prison for our minds, thoughts and hearts.

No19 Vessel Preston Camp

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