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Mili Villamil

On her first trip overseas, at the age of 17, Mili bought her first DSLR. Since then she has been travelling extensively; motivated to explore the world with her camera. Mili dived deep into photography as a way of meditation and self knowledge by contemplating the uniqueness and perfection of nature, observing streets and behaviours, capturing the beauty of every being, admiring light and how light creates & transforms every particle, where colour is born, where shapes, shadows and forms appear at the right time/space.

Mili is currently exploring night photography, spending long hours out in the dark in the quietness, calmness and stillness of the night, capturing the spectacular sky of Aotearoa so we can appreciate the beauty and she encourages you to turn your lights off at home and observe the sky above.

Milli Villami Artist Profile

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