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Daisy Saaiman - Daisylandnz

As an artist I love to challenge myself and as a result my subject matter is quite varied. I work hard to develop paintings that speak both to me and to others about personal issues or experiences we all might have had. These experiences often provoke very strong emotions and conceding to these raw emotions can be both liberating and healing. I resolve to create meaningful, soulful work.

My art represents the vulnerability and strength within us all. The will to persevere and to find beauty and happiness despite our many woes.

I have a fascination for the nature of surfaces and mediums and the endless possibilities their interactions and qualities can reveal. Through experimenting with different media, I have developed my own unique style that combines painting, collage and drawing. The process of ripping up magazines and sticking them back together enhances the process of dissecting and healing, while also adding to the contrast of colour and emotion. The process is an open ended collaboration between the artist and the materials.

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