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Beatrice Carlson

Beatrice Carlson is a French interdisciplinary artist with a fashion design diploma (golden needle - France). After 10 years of corporate apparel design in New Zealand and Australia, she decides to focus exclusively on her art practice in 2015.

Visual Art (2006-2020)
Perspex: allows to work in large scale with striking colours. Themes are recurrent: fashion, Aotearoa and France, the female body as a canvas.

From 2010, 10 times finalist of the World of WearableArt Awards, with garment mainly in Perspex.

Printmaking (2009-2020)
Carlson’s practice is as non-toxic as possible: solarplate etchings and dry point on Perspex leftovers.

Every artwork or piece is always interactive and evolves through time and medium:

  • From a garment, Carlson creates an Etching.

  • From a piece, she creates an artwork, a digital print used on a garment. 

Jewellery (2017-2020)
All those creations influence the style of her jewellery, the way she makes, the choice of material:

  • She uses printmaking tools to emboss Sterling Silver instead of acid.

  • She creates texture, depth she explored in fashion, Nature and Life.

  • She uses Sterling Silver and also pieces found during walks all over New Zealand.

Her practice is as non-toxic as it can be, sourcing very ethically her material; sustainability and environmentalism are key. 

Beatrice Carlson Artist Profile

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