Uliai - Woven Realm

26 February - 28 March 2021

Uliai presents a series of mixed media artscapes which reveal a tapestry of interwoven found objects.

"...A series of mixed media artscapes, created on my partner Siddho’s photographic backgrounds of old walls layered by paint. These provide the timeline for a unique fusion of literally 100’s of added details of paper fragments. These fragments are interplaying and overlapping, they are stitches in space. And through further layering, veiling and enhancement with added paint and textural element, visual references are transformed into a lyrical field which mirrors my connection with inner mystical realms and speaks to “wearing the world like a single garment”.


Uliai is committed to creating beauty in all aspects of her life as the expression of a spiritual pathway.

Life as art is a fountain that overflows in her, she expresses through symbols the language to “capture the universal”, and offers her art as a daily prayer.

She has evolved a wide artistic repertoire which includes sanctuary spaces and garden installations involving all detailed aspects of design, building and landscaping - examples can be found recently at Wingsong Sanctuary on Waiheke.