Peter Rees - Crossings

22 November - 15 December 2019

'Personal journeys across land and sea...'  Peter Rees creates 'Crossings': an exhibition of new paintings in the Small Gallery.

"...It seems much of what we do is about moving from one place to another. Geographical , emotional, or personal, we are almost constantly ‘crossing’ from one place to another. In one sense, for me, it's moving from a literal interpretation of the landscape to a more evocative, abstract sense of place.

Any movement or 'Crossing' in life comes with a whole set of fears, insecurities, anticipation and excitement.   This body of paintings explores a sense of the unknown, titles are quite deliberately nonspecific and composition plays with horizontals and verticals, reflection and light.  The process of leaving and arriving is a multi-sensory experience that alters our perspective and necessitates a fresh look at everything..." - Peter Rees

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Pete daughter and Susie