Our Night World

3 June - 3 July 2022

Waiheke is a beautiful island during the day... and at night!

Familar locations have a magical quality when seen by the light of reflected sunlight on the moon or as you let your eyes adapt to your intrinsic night vision you start to notice  ‘Our Night World’

Featuring Waiheke astrophotography from Mili Villamil and works by Emma Hughes, Virginia King, Leila Lees, Ann Skelly, Peter Rees, Alex Stone, Tracey Sullivan, Katie Trinkle - Legge, Michel Tuffery, Kim Wesney, Nalayini Brito and Gareth Davies. 

Annette Lees will read from her wonderful book After Dark - Walking into the Nights of Aotearoa on June 11.  6pm All Welcome!

Listen to her Radio New Zealand interview HERE

After Dark cvr 2021 300dpi scaled