Martin Law - Painter of Paradise

14 September - 14 October 2018

In this exhibition, Martin Law, Painter of Paradise presents 15 original paintings of architecture in their landscape that illustrates the love that the artist has for Waiheke and New Zealand. In their collectiveness they represent island history, a changing landscape and the simplicity of our historic architectural form that is perhaps becoming lost to us in the relentless march of change. These paintings reflect Martin’s connection to Waiheke, this Island of Dreams; the land, the coast, and our forgotten stories and history on this island. He celebrates the beauty of the land and the place this island holds for us; our travel narrative, a dance over oceans, a lost era of simplicity, purity of form, time, hope and love.

Artist Bio:

This collection of Waiheke paintings by Martin Law, Painter of Paradise, is an important part of a major project spanning the next three decades, to create a significant record and collection of paintings of New Zealand architecture in its landscape.

Following his years as a commercial artist, Martin has embarked on a journey of painting a powerful visual representation of some of New Zealand’s most iconic building forms, including villas, rural dwellings, urban buildings, woolsheds and commercial structures, reflecting our unique rural and urban interconnected architectural history.

“For me New Zealand is changing, we are losing our valuable architectural heritage at an alarming pace, time is against me, I have to capture and paint as much as possible before it is lost.” Martin finds great inspiration and hope in the buildings that we might forget, that we overlook in our haste of life, rustic lost corners and back streets, coastal skies, recalling shades of his rural upbringing; painting layers of glorious New Zealand greens amid searing skies and the stunning light that reflects upon the landscape.

Martin scouts for his paintings mostly in his Triumph TR5 which he has owned for over 30 years. All paintings are created in his working studio/gallery space in a historic villa in Mt Eden.

Born in 1967 in England on a cropping farm in the Cotswolds, Martin moved to New Zealand ten years ago. Much of his childhood was spent fascinated by machines, design and the intricacies and beauty of agricultural equipment. Martin studied in London at the Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design, completing a Degree in Industrial Design, graduating in 1990. He then developed a highly successful commercial career in London. His work has been deeply immersed in building concept design and architectural and interior perspective artistry. Drawing and painting has always been his life.