Margaret Feeney - It Started with a Kiss

15 December - 13 January 2019

Margaret Feeney explores and discusses Information Space in the 21st century with a new exhibition in the Small Gallery.


It Started With a Kiss; a low resolution show about high technology

Artist's statement

This project is about how our thinking and feeling is mediated through digital platforms, the content being determined by the form of the algorithm. It is an investigation of the expanding influence of form over content in the Human Built world.

 We have always been enamoured of technology, from ancient technologies like art and language to the technologies of high science and industry. As AI rises from the dross of human ambition it crosses the liminal space between the virtual and the haptic world.  As it swivels its vertebrae-free head around to see the view it can’t differentiate us; pavement, tree, beetle, human, rock. Everything is an object.

 I have used pattern as the main investigative tool for this project as pattern recognition is central to machine learning and to human learning, something we have in common.