Drawing Class

1 April - 1 May 2022

Svetlana Parmenter and Yolanda Whitehead present 'Drawing Class', a selection of beautiful new works exploring two very different techniques.

"...I see this series as a vehicle to continue the exploration of the painterly possibilities of the Lino cut; attempts to capture the juxtaposition of areas of flesh tones of the figure, with more graphic, radiating lines of shafts of light from a studio lamp, the busy wood patterns of the floor boards, or the folds and undulations of the form of a draped curtain behind a figure. We hope to celebrate the artist models and fellow drawers at the Mitchell Centre; and have endeavored to recreate the intimate atmosphere of our local Art Studio, its warmth, the glow of the lamps, the patterns of the cushions and the almost palpable concentration of our friends…. The drawers, as we speak of movies, travel, politics … drawing techniques new to us…. While listening to jazz, blues, opera, pouring forth from the old faithful CD player… The ‘Drawing Class’ is dear to us; it is as much about our friendships as our Art."  - Svetlana

"...It is a challenge to capture the figure without locking it down into a heavy, lifeless drawing. This is my main concern as I strive to create an interesting composition that is lively and engaging. Our Life Drawing sessions at the Catherine Mitchell Art Centre give me the opportunity to engage in this challenge weekly and I’m always surprised just how different my approach can be each time." - Yolanda

20210407 154725 2 CopySvetlana Parmenter 440x600