Cross Current

6 March - 28 May 2020

Clive Humphreys curates Cross Currents featuring artists Mark Bolland, Madelaine Child, Gordon Crook, Inge Doesburg, Graham Fletcher, Tom Fox, David Green, Clive Humphreys, Lynn Kelly, Richard Killeen, David McLeod, Richard McWhannel, Alistair Nisbet-Smith, Alan Pearson and Ray Wade.

We share some comments from curator Clive Humphreys speech at the exhibition opening. 

"...When one thinks of a community gallery it is often in a regional context... a gallery that reflects the needs and values of a geographical area, the local artists, the resident audience, volunteers and enthusiasts. In Waiheke’s case this is problematic if one considers the wildly fluctuating effect of visitor numbers.
Many fluid communities exist within the visual arts, each with their own idiosyncratic geography. These communities invariably overlap and interconnect. Among makers of art there are communities of practice that emerge for different reasons: a shared approach to cultural and social issues,  or a common aesthetic or similar material processes. So to imagine that artists are isolated operators, is a misconception.

When asked to curate this show I thought about who inhabits my own community of makers, ranging from artists I’ve known over an extended period to those I’ve followed intermittently and from a distance. What concerns do this disparate group have in common?

The shared concern here is rather how material processes articulate a chosen subject through various media: digital image, clay, photograph, moving screen image, metal, stone, charcoal, paint and print.

Each work prioritises this articulation in a unique way. The invited participants clearly represent extremes of experience from Gordon Crook and Alan Pearson, who have recently left us important bodies of work that we are yet to evaluate fully, to, at the other end of the time-scale, Tom Fox who has just graduated from Art School. Some of these artists are living and working in the South Island and therefore not familiar to Waiheke audiences.
But, in a world context, New Zealand is really only a this show offers an introduction to art makers at the other end of our village.
Communities are both local and without borders, their geography might be an island or a network of ideas or both. My hope is that you’ll find rewarding connections within the show. "

 Clive Humphreys opens Cross Current March 6Exhibition openings Cross Current Sarah Guppy Rex Homan 1

 Openings:  6 March 2020 Cross Current in the main gallery along with

 Ko Waiheke Te Kainga in the Annex and Painter, Potter Printmaker

in the Small Gallery. 

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A montage of a selection of works from the exhibition Cross Current.