The Artworks Courtyard

1 March - 30 April 2019

The Artworks Courtyard features large scale works by Paul Dibble and Hannah Kidd as part of the Perpetual Guardian Sculpture On The Gulf 2019 along with the Small Sculpture Showcase nearby up in the gallery.

In the weekends, Saturday and Sunday 10 - 1 enjoy a 'hands on' experience and create small ceramic water containers for Waiheke's bird's and insects with the Water Systems Community Engagement programme. Once fired, these will form an interconnected sculpture. At the conclusion of the exhibition components will be available 'to go'. Refreshments will be available in the Courtyard.

Hannah Kidd cropped

Hannah Kidd: Be Dazzled, "....I’ve met a lady who told me a story of her lost gem stones.
She came from South Africa with a stash of precious stones. So precious in fact that she though to hide them in her garden.
I remember seeing them then, folded in to a square of paper. We were having a roast and drinking cask wine. The jewels were all different colours. Some were tiny and some were massive - a ring with a stone so large, when on your finger, you couldn’t put your hand in your pocket.
They have been hidden for 25 years and she cannot remember where in her garden they were...."

Paul Dibble  Putting Your Best Foot Forward 2019

Paul Dibble: Putting Your Best Foot Forward 2019. Represented by Gow Langsford Gallery. 


20190302 124053

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Watersystems Project, sponsored by Te Whare Taonga o Waiheke carried out and installed in the Artworks Courtyard in Oneroa during Perpetual Guardian Sculpture On the Gulf 2019. Lots of miniature home and habitats for insects, birds and bees were made in very inventive ways, incorporated ceramics and rope making. The weekend workshops were great fun and enjoyed by visitors from the Sculpture on the Gulf trail and locals alike.

Special thanks to the tamariki from Piritahi Childcare and Steiner Primary school who made some very special ceramics for the project. 

Vessels and ropes can be collected by their makers on Saturday 20 between 11 - 1 at the gallery.


Watersystems - A Community Engagement Project

'Water Systems' invited public participation to make glaze and construct clay water holding vessels incorporating found objects. Once fired these formed an interconnected sculpture. 

This project was sponsored by Waiheke Community Art Gallery, Blue Mountains Creative Arts Centre, Australia and Duly Priced Drink. 

The project leader for 'Water Systems', Margaret Feeney explains "..the core kaupapa is inclusion and invention as people are brought together to make a system of small connected sculptures to provide water, habitats and food for the birds and insects of the island. Through this mahi people are brought closer together, to the environment and it's creatures"