Anna Valdoni - Life is a Dream

2 April - 9 May 2021

 Anna explores the essence of Renaissance painting. 

During the lockdown Anna had the impression that time stopped and the suddensilence was a great help in focusing on her work.She started a close conversation with European painters from Giotto to theRenaissance : Piero della Francesca , Titian, Rubens, Durer, up to some 18thcentury painters such as Fragonard and Boucher. She has seen their works manytimes in the Louvre, in Florence in Rome and every time is enchanted andhypnotized. In those paintings there are all the answers to existence.Since she lives in New Zealand having Europe with its culture, its art and its history sophysically distant both relieves her and sharpens her sense of belonging. HerMaster years at the Maori studies have had a positive influence on her work in thesense of motivation. Lately her encounter with some Maori artists has contributed alot to turning to her own culture and artistic heritage.
In this body of work she wants to propose a personal vision on European paintings from1300 to 1500 . Angels, princesses, knights, animals and plants coexist in adreamworld , hoping to communicate to the viewer some ‘answers to existence’as well as my passion for color and movement.