Tangata whenua Designers present 'Side by Side under the same stars'

7 December 2019
Time: 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Jeanine Clarkin and Chermene Pereniko present their collections 'Side by side under the same stars'


Jeanine Clarkin 

Ngati Hako Ngati Paoa Raukawa and Tauranga Moana  decent.

She has been designing for 25 years and has shown  locally, nationally and internationally and has resided on Waiheke for the past 14 years with her son Noa who will be  contributing some pieces.

Jeanine will be showing some of the highlights from her recent NZFW collection Natural Beauty - Papatuanuku  along with some of her latest pieces.

Chermene Pereniko

Ngati Hako Ngati Paoa Ngati Hine Nga Puhi

Chermene  shows regularly in NZ and Australia and  has also shown in  Paris

"...The collection is called 'minds eye' and collection looks at the mental illness stigma, the reality, acceptance, I've used a range of textures, unconventional material, processes and techniques. Through this journey I have gone through highs and lows, working with materials and trying to have some solution, understanding I decided to do beautiful gowns and pieces to represent the stigma that we only ever show the best sides of ourselves. I used texture to show the emotional imbalance, reflections and unknown, I tried to portray strong empowering pieces, again connection to the stigma, " harden up" mental illness being a chemical imbalance that is hard to acknowledge. It is so prominent in this day and age, regardless not everyone has the courage to admit to mental illness. This collection is quite delicate and still has issues to work through, its a juxtaposition to the normal materials one is use what is normal?..'

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