Small Sculpture Prize 2021 Gala Award Ceremony Ticket

Date: 2 April 2021

The Small Sculpture Prize is a National Award for an original free-standing or wall sculpture up to 800mm in any direction and has a Premier prize of $3000 and a Benefactors prize of $1500.

Proudly sponsored by Perpetual Guardian and in association with Te Motu. The 2021 Selector and judge is Hamish Coney, founding managing Director of auction house Art & Object.

Finalists and partners complimentary.

The Finalists this year are: 

Brendan Adams, Sofia Athineou, Lisa Bate, Kay Bazzard, Jane Bowman, Diane Brand, Luke Calder, Beatrice Carlson, Vicki Charles, Cornelia Craig-Koning, Olivier Duhamel (Waiheke), Bev Goodwin, Ashley Grant, Natalie Guy, Volker Hawighorst, Hank Lloyd (Waiheke), Doug Marsden, Jenny Mason (Waiheke), Chantel Matthews, David McGill, Nicola Mclaren, Birgit Moffatt, Julie Moselen, Kiya Nancarrow (Waiheke), Hana Pera Aoake, Emma Rochester (Waiheke), Liz Sharek, Sylvia Sinel, Frances Studd, Greg Tuthill.

$45.00 includes GST.

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