Timmy Smith

  • Badge I
    Wood, Oneroa sand, sterling silver, and 24ct gold         $205
  • Badge II
    Wood, Piha sand, pounamu                                           $160
  • Badge III
    Wood, Little Oneroa sand, peara (fresh water pearl)      $160
  • Badge IV
    Wood, Oneroa sand, pounamu                                       $160

Historically, badges have been worn to inform others of their loyalty and standing. I have used these as a reminder to all, of our pledge and duty to protect our whenua and all the comes from her. Papatūānuku needs us to stand proud with, and for her. All my work is in her honor and incorporated her offerings within every creation. Within this series I have used elements from each touch point of her tinana (body). Rakau (wood), oneone (sand), pounamu, peara (freshwater pearls), hiriwa (silver), and koura (gold).

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