Te Moana Pīataāta (The Shimmering Sea)

Artist: Darren Rippingale-Ututaonga

Darren Rippingale-Ututaonga

Ngā Puhi


Te Moana Pīataāta (The Shimmering Sea)

Kauri and Paua       $3400


It is “the space in between” where potential emerges, between Ranginui (Sky Father) and Papatūānuku (Earth Mother) 

 Made from 50,000 year old swamp kauri from ‘Te Hiku o te Ika’, this Takarangi creation sits on a rustic swamp kauri stand to show its natural characteristics. 

 The paua inlay and kauri gum add beauty to this piece. Like light beams bouncing from water on the ocean, it is the shimmering sea.