Mushroom Table 3

Artist: Phil Newbury
Materials: Glass, vitreous enamels, box tubing, threaded rod
Dimensions: 760 x 600mm diam

Reserve Price $19800

Glass clear top but coloured spots up the stem

Cast, fused and production glass. Vitreous enamels. 

Adhered to a length of box tubing from the base fixing all the way to the glass top then secured with a threaded rod internally down that box section tube. 

On top of each table is a poem by Poet Laureate Cilla McQueen which is visible through the glass clear top. 


NB: Table must be permanently fixed.

Table is supplied with either a steel plate (for screwing to a wooden deck or floor or Dyna-bolted to a concrete floor or patio) or a concrete pile that is buried for lawn and garden settings. Buyer is to stipulate which fixing is required.