Make a Wish 1 & 2

Artist: Didi Chapman
Year: 2019
Materials: hand built ceramic, sigrafitto lustre

$430.00 each

Make A Wish 1 SOLD

Make A Wish 2 available

My objective to exhibit at the Small Sculpture Prize 2019 has been to create a connection between my vessels and viewers. My complex pieces give the viewer a sense of memories as they explore the minute details that portray a Dandelion seed-head ready for dispersal.
Remember when you were a child, gently blowing on a dandelion and making a wish on delicate flight of feathery sees? That childhood wish becomes a reality with my Dandelion Ceramic Vessels. The gold touch represents the assurance for a bright and positive future.
“Delight in my Dandelion Ceramic Vessels and see where the wind takes you”