Branching Vessel 15/25

Artist: Virginia King
Materials: Stainless steel
Dimensions: 800 x 90mm


The installation of Phantom Fleet was conceived to create comparisons between the nautical, botanical and anatomical.

The delicate and filigreed vessel, forms suggest boat hulls and empty seedpods, associated with water and land.

The installation makes reference to migration, endurance and loss.  It alludes to immigrant’s deprivation and abandonment.

The suspended vessels also refer to rising sea levels and the urgency of addressing global warming.

Surrounded by the elements of air, earth and water and exposed against the sky the vessels become archetypal forms, evoking ancient mythologies, and echoes of departure, survival and hope.

Phantom Fleet received the Fullers peoples Choice Award at Sculpture on the Gulf, 2017, Waiheke Island.

Virginia King with Richard Killeen behind

Virginia King Branched Vessel with Richard Killeen Rhizomes on the wall. behind


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