Les 'Karl' Baxter

Director of Architectural Glassworks, has worked in glass design and manufacturing for over 30 years and followed in the footsteps of his grandfather, Bela Kozak, whose work in the fields of stained glass and leadlight – both traditional and contemporary – is well renowned. His design experience, along with other designers in the company, combine to produce uniquely crafted:

  • Feature Windows
  • Panels
  • Doors and Sidelights
  • Balustrades
  • Contemporary Mirrors
  • Designer Bowls
  • Sculpture and Wall Art

Many years of experience, extensive technical knowledge and an enthusiasm for the medium together with a creative approach has resulted in a varied and fascinating portfolio/body of work.

Artist’s Statement
My inspiration comes from a strong love of colour, texture, landscape and light in the mediums of photography, drawing and cast, fused and fired glass. These things continue to influence many of the designs I am currently creating onto the medium of glass art panels.
My works on glass panels reflect on my perception of the open spaces in areas of Central Western Victoria, as well as elements of the abstracted landscape of Central Australia. In recent travels to Far North Queensland and coastal New Zealand, the particular textures and colours of water, sea, bush and coastal plants/foliage, geological formations as well as cloud formations, weather patterns and sky scapes (especially at dawn and dusk), have evoked passionate responses which I endeavour to recreate in my glass work.
I develop images in my mind before transferring them onto the front and back of the glass in a simultaneous application and firing process which I initiated, and have researched and developed of the past ten years. The alchemy between the glass and the metallic colour, which is permanently fired into it, is subtly assisted by the texturing of the glass. The result generally evokes a response in the viewer, as their perspective changes while moving past the work. The colours appear to change in an interactive manner, from reflective to transparent. I endeavour to create a fascination or intrigue for the viewer on their first experience with a work, to hold their attention and cause them to look deeper into the glass and appreciate the laying of the detail once they have seen the initial graphic. In this way, I hope my panels will continue to give pleasure over a long time.