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What an interesting Wednesday!

25 February 2015 at 12:59:19 pm

Update (Thursday) - back online, the phones are working, the new exhibition looks great, see you all tomorrow at 6pm!

Yesterday (Wednesday) - Just to let you know that due to an exuberant digger down the road the gallery has no network, internet, phone until ... tbc ... (hopefully not too long) - interesting! - so please check again soon for more info and images regarding new exhibitions opening this Friday at 6pm. All Welcome! 

You can still buy tickets etc. on the website, as per normal. If you have any queries, can PM on the gallery Facebook page or come on up and see us ... we're open! 


NL1 14 A Feb March One

New Exhibitions opening this Friday

It's a challenge ... challenge is always better with chocolate and good friends ... :)