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Te Raa Project Update

11 July 2019 at 11:59:39 am

Just a few quick images from a wonderful presentation on the Te Raa Project. The Paa Te Aroha weavers pay homage to the last remaining ancient sail in the world. Te Raa. The sail was thought to have been taken back to London by Capt. Cook in the late 1700’s. With little recorded knowledge of the origins of Te Raa in place, three Paa Te Aroha weavers, Mandy Sunlight, Raouati Ewen’s and Ruth Port travelled to London to document details about the sail. They hoped to work out how Te Raa was made, then bring the knowledge back to Aotearoa and use it to recreate an original sail. The presentation on Saturday updated attendees on the progress with exploring the knotting and weaving on a smaller scale, there is much work to do!

In support, fine weavings are on display at the gallery until July 21. These are available to bid on in a silent auction, to raise funds for the ongoing project. Many thanks to you all! Nga mihi nui #teraa #paatearohaweavers #tehonongacollective#piritahimarae

Ruth Port and Mandy Sunlight in the Barngroup inage whanake BarnWeavings in gallery