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Small Sculpture Prize 2019 Winners Announced

1 June 2019 at 4:33:00 pm

The Small Sculpture Prize is a National Award for an original free-standing or wall sculpture up to 800mm in any direction and has a Premier prize of $3000

This award is proudly sponsored by Perpetual Guardian in association with Te Motu Wines.

The Selector and Judge for 2019 is  Reuben Friend, Director Pataka Art + Museum, Porirua.

The Winner of this year’s premier award is Chris Mules for her work: ‘Fireflies Use Light To Locate Their Mate, And Vampire Squids Use It To Hide Themselves From Prey’.

Chauncey Flay wins the Benefactors Merit Award for his work: ‘Coralscape - And The Ocean Washes Over Us’ the exhibition runs until June 23, gallery hours 10 - 4 everyday.

Congratulations to Chris and Chauncey and all the finalists. 

Janet Belton, Jonathan Campbell, Didi Chapman, Zephir Delamore, Chauncey Flay, James R Ford, Ashley Grant, Christine Hafermalz-Wheeler, Larisse Hall, Megan Huffadine, Russell Jackson, Marilyn Jones, Kevin Kilsby, Peter Lange, DeAnne Lawford-Smith, Dasul Lee, Graeme McKay, Gerard McCabe, Rory McDougall, Chris Mules, Ainsley O'Connell, Meredith Parkin, Robin Ranga, Luke Reynolds, Barbara Robinson, Frances Rood, Sylvia Sinel, Frances Jill Studd, Di Tocker, Di West, Alex Wilkinson. 

The exhibition runs until 23 June, Gallery hours 10 - 4 everyday.

Chris Mules SSP Winner 2019