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Reclaim To Fame 2015 Presented by Fullers

25 September 2015 at 6:00:10 pm

Here’s a bit of history regarding Reclaim To Fame as now the gallery is Twenty Years old (!) a lot of these exhibitions have colourful and interesting backgrounds to them.

Reclaim to Fame, presented by Fullers, is an exhibition where works need to be constructed from 80% recycled materials. First initiated over 12 years ago the exhibition has since become a favourite in the gallery’s exhibition programme.

Originally conceived by Frances Pearce and Jackie O’Brien, who challenged artists to create meaningful works from recycled materials, the exhibition needed funding support as works were considered more contemplative than saleable. More recently interest in recycled artworks has developed into a world-wide phenomenon and artists’ works are often purchased by avid collectors.

This year the Fullers People’s Choice Award of $500 will be presented to the work achieving the most votes by the visiting public.

This year's Curator Sue Pickernell speaks passionately about this groundswell local art initiative. “Reclaim to Fame always astounds with the creativity and ingenuity exhibited by our island artists”, she says. “I love the way the exhibition continues to evolve and demands that we look at works in a different way.” It’s such a strong link to the way we live on Waiheke – creating new uses for discarded bits and pieces. Packaging materials with the theme Containment versus Freedom is an additional concept for investigation within this year’s exhibition “What can you do now with this bag, this box, this printed matter or odd shaped plasti-formed container that was born in marketing, reared in a factory, lived it's life in the shop, had a brief moment of glory when it delivered its precious cargo, and is now consigned to senile decay.” Be sure not to miss the show, vote for your favourite entry, enjoy the range of imagination on display, and maybe set off an create a piece of your own! It'd be great to see you up here, the exhibition runs until 19 October 2015.

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