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People's Choice Winner - Small Sculpture Prize 2019

4 July 2019 at 3:36:24 pm

Robin Ranga is the winner of the 2019 Small Sculpture Prize People’s Choice.

Robin’s ceramic work titled “Are we there yet” depicts three figures viewed from the back.

In her artist’s statement she comments,

“Clay is my 3D paintbrush aligning its qualities and characteristics recognizable in ourselves:  durable, malleable, and fragile.  We are elements of nature, a global family; immeasurable communities of settlers.  Both compositions raise the plight of the ‘displaced’ seeking sanctuary, to live and thrive in a place called ‘Home’.”

Robin who lives in at Tuakau, Port Waikato was the Merit Award winner of the Small Sculpture Prize in 2014.

Robin’s vote count was 10 votes in front of Di Tocker, for her beautiful work “High Houses”. Congrats Robin and Di and thanks to everyone who voted!

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