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Occasion - fabulous fashion!

15 July 2015 at 2:23:57 pm

It's been a voyage of discovery researching our upcoming exhibition Occasion - Fabulous Fashion from Annie Bonza to Vinka Lucas. What a thrill to uncover so much fashion history on Waiheke. An initial phone call to Jane Daniels, well known New Zealand fashion designer who has family on Waiheke, revealed that one of our gallery members Jenny Francis was the owner and designer of The Casual Shop in Auckland. Through Jenny loaning the publication "Dress Circle" we discovered that Daphne Mitten, now a Waiheke landscape designer, had designed fashion for Tiger Moth and then we learned that Judith Baragwanath, an Auckland fashion icon, now lives on Waiheke and has access to photos of Vogue NZ shoots from from the mid 60’s to mid 70’s! 

Our call for garments from this era, held within the community over here on the island, achieved an extraordinary response and through their loans we get to enjoy and reminisce about this period of style in New Zealand. Thanks to Janet Cuthbert for her inspiration in presenting this show, and who along with Pam Nash, Glen Adams, Alison Scott, Darion Rowan, Francia Smeets, Sue Carmont, Lizzie Firth, Betsy Benjamin and Annie Melchior so generously loaned their fabulous vintage garments. 

Thank you also to Doris Dupont from the NZ fashion Museum for her support and managing 'The Photo Shoot' on 31 July, and to Emma Hughes who will be photographing the garments for the NZ fashion Museum's archive.

Thanks also to Jeanine Clarkin, recently returned from showcasing her designs at Hawaii Wearable Art, and curating the recent Matariki exhibition here, who provided the expertise in cataloguing and labelling, and to Jane Daniels who made possible so many connections to fashion history, and thanks to our installer Paul Rhind who interpreted the display brief and created the magic - you're a legend! We take pleasure in presenting an era of New Zealand Fashion history. Dress up and come along to the opening this Friday 17 July at 6pm, and enjoy a walk through of some of the vintage garments and more contemporary pieces courtesy of Jane Daniels and Jeanine Clarkin, see you here!

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