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Jostle 2015

30 March 2015 at 12:42:54 pm

Jostle 2015 coming up! Call to Action. More info and entry form available soon.

Jostle 2015 – an exhibition of Small Things
a feature of the 2015 Waiheke Winter Arts Festival.

Exhibition Dates

8 May to 8 June.


Work may be any shape or medium and no larger than 250mm in height, width or depth.

2d work: maximum 250mm x 250mm, 3-d work: maximum 250mm x 250mm x 250mm.

However we still expect to receive works that are smaller but no larger than these dimensions.

We encourage artists to think outside the square. Viewers will be expecting to see anything from paintings to small bronzes ceramic, glass and jewellery.


The gallery will receive works from Friday 24 April.

All works, catalogues and contact details must be received by Friday 1 May.

Exhibition opens at 6pm on Friday 8 May.

Exhibition closes at noon on Monday 8 June. 

Unsold works must be collected by Friday 19 June unless prepaid postage or courier tickets have been provided along with clearly addressed packaging. 


This year there will be no set retail price – however a variety of retail prices is requested upward from $150 in increments of $50, i.e. $200, $250, $300, $350, inclusive of GST.

The gallery’s commission is 41% of the retail price.

The gallery pays GST on its commission.   

Artists are responsible for their own GST whether registered or not.


$25 per artist. This non-refundable fee enables you to submit up to 4 works and is payable to Waiheke Community Art Gallery when work is delivered. Online submissions will be available soon.


Work sold may be taken by the buyer as soon as payment is made to the gallery. Sold works will be replaced with entries received but not yet displayed. 

Payments to artists will be made by direct credit on 20th month following completion of sale.