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Easter Staycation - Visit the Gallery from Home

9 April 2020 at 12:40:59 pm

It's day 15, we hope you're all doing ok, staying safe and well at home in your bubbles.

Easter weekend is nearly here!

Check this out, one for the youngsters (and everyone!) an Easter Weekend activity, The Big New Zealand Egg Hunt! -  to share with the neighbors along side the Teddy Bears!

Print out the template and make your own ArtEgg, show it in your window for all to see, and email us your artworks (as well as sending them to the PM!:) and we'll put them up on our social media pages. email:

Plus - There’s more going on here too so keep in touch and keep hopping on over here and keep an eye on the  gallery website.The Small Sculpture Prize 2020 finalists will be popping up on the Exhibitions page over the next few days!


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"..Will you take part in The Big New Zealand Easter Egg Hunt and make this Easter extra special? All you need to do is colour in this Easter egg, or design your own, and stick it in a window that faces the street so that everyone can have the chance to hunt for eggs this weekend!
Email your finished eggs to, or share them on social media using
the hashtag #NZEggHunt..."

Easter Egg Template NZ Big Easter Egg Hunt