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Michel Tuffery Artist in Residence 2016

17 September 2016 at 12:21:58 pm

Of Links, Lines and Island Connections:

NZ Herald 17/9/2016:

"..A residency at the Smithsonian in Washington DC or one on Waiheke at the island's community art gallery?

When it came to deciding where he wanted to work next, there was no contest for Michel Tuffery. The artist, born, raised and based in Wellington, opted for Waiheke, saying that after years travelling to work around the world, he wanted to spend some time reconnecting with his roots and have a "mental health" break.

Not that the father-of-three has taken much of a break. In a barn-like studio, a short drive from the Waiheke Community Art Gallery, Tuffery has created work for an exhibition that includes more than 40 pieces inspired by the island, its past and its residents.

Tuffery spent a total of 12 weeks on Waiheke and has used many of the same methods developed during his 30-year career. A printmaker, sculptor, performance artist, painter and animator, his work is inspired by his Samoan, Rarotongan and Tahitian heritage, the links between Pacific peoples and their relationships to the environment..." Read Full NZ Herald Article


MTuffs painting