Our Collection

Friends of the Permanent Collection

Our ‘Friends of the Permanent Collection” provide support for increasing and maintaining the collection.

We have a video of our current Permanent Collection for viewing here:

The Gallery’s permanent collection is focused across three themes.

Theme 1
headland Sculpture on the Gulf Maquettes
These works are a visual history of this world class event that was initiated by the Gallery in 2003.

Currently the Headland Maquette collection comprises the following works.

Safe House by Karin Strachan (2007)
Lookout by Meiling Lee (2007)
Dispensary by Louise Purvis (2009)

Theme 2
Artists in Residence
Our biennale Waiheke Artist in Residence Programme was initiated by the gallery in 2007.

Our Artists in Residence have been:

2007 Phil Newbury - Invercargill
2008 Steven Mulqueen - Dunedin
2010 Sarah Guppy - Auckland
2012 Susanne Kerr - Wellington
2014 Euan Macleod, Reg Mombassa, Steve Lopes, Elisabeth Cummings, Amanda Penrose Hart, Joe Frost, Idris Murphy, Peter O’Doherty, Susan O’Doherty. NSW, Australia.

Currently the Artist in Residence collection contains works donated by our 2014 Artists in Residence from their OZ to Waiheke project.

Theme 3
Waiheke Artists who have lived on the Island for a significant time and whose work has been significantly influenced by their time here. Works have yet to be procured for this theme.