The Gallery’s Director, Linda Chalmers, has worked within the arts for over 20 years. She has run a dealer gallery in Auckland and for the past eight years has curated the exhibition programme as well as managing the Waiheke Community Art Gallery. Her experiences have furnished her with an extensive knowledge of New Zealand art in all of its wonderful forms and she has a wide range of contacts within the art world both here and overseas.

Choosing art is highly personal, especially given the wide context of art available today. It can be difficult trying to decide on whether a piece of sculpture or a two-dimensional artwork is going to be the best way to enhance your space. Sometimes an overall theme is required, meaning pieces need to be complementary even if they occupy different rooms or spaces. Clients may be drawn to different textures, colours or media, meaning agreement on artistic purchases doesn’t always come easily.

Linda has a great eye for choosing pieces that will talk to each other, fit beautifully with interiors and the external landscape. She is available to assist with new projects, and sourcing appropriate pieces for your home or business. Whether from Waiheke artists, or the gallery or via her extensive range of contacts, Linda will source pieces and in many instances bring them to you so you can see them “in situ” prior to making purchasing decisions. Her time for consultation will be invoiced as a set fee determined on the size of the project.

Please contact Linda via email to arrange for a private, no-obligation consultation.